Evercreech Barbarians RFC

President: Mr B Crossfield
Chairman: Mr A Biddiscombe
Secretary: Mr L Carlton
Treasurer: Mr P Sealey
Fixtures/Team: Mr J Atkins & Mr B James
Advertising: Mr E Jones
Captain: Mr D Cockle
Vice Captain: Mr S Cockle

The Evercreech Barbarians formed in March 2003 at The Brewers Arms in Evercreech. At the time the club was known as the Brewers Barbarians. This was a gathering of ex players, local drinkers and the odd league player thrown in to create a colourful pub rugby team. This was the idea of ex Butleigh Amateur and local drinking regular Ken Hawker.

In 2005 as The Brewers Arms closed its doors for the last time, the club was left homeless. The side played one game under the name Evercreech Barbarians using The Shapway Inn as its home base. But just up the road, The Bell Inn was being taken over by new owners. This proved to be a complete new turning for the club, and being rugby fans proved to be a revelation for the club. The club was now getting a new home, a new kit and a new sponsor. It was also getting new fixtures and a new following. The Evercreech Barbarians - as some would say - had now properly begun.

The Barbarians are now a fully fledged Sunday pub rugby team. With the help of local Sunday legends Butleigh Amateur and Saturday side Castle Cary RFC this has been all possible. The infamous club colours of pink and black have become widely renowned. Shirt sales have passed the 100 mark and a trip to The Bell Inn will show you the memorabilia collected over the few years the club has been running.

If you are interested in playing,
no experience needed
Please contact Lee Carlton at The Bell Inn  01749 830287

Find us on Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/group.php?gid=26214582489